Nancy Clements Nancy Clements, MA, CCC-SLP

Executive Director

Nancy Clements is a Speech and Language Pathologist with over 30 years of experience. She became highly interested in Social Thinking in 2000, when she founded Camp Compass, a unique summer experience for individuals with social communication challenges. Nancy was the former Program Manager of the Social Thinking® and Communication Services program at the Stern Center for Language and Learning in Williston, Vermont. While serving in that role, she developed a comprehensive Social Thinking program which served over 60 children weekly. As the Director of Michelle Garcia Winner’s East Coast Clinical Training Program (Level 1A) and as a member of the Social Thinking® Training and Speakers Collaborative, Nancy is dedicated to delivering high quality training to professionals in schools and clinical settings. Click here to read more about Nancy.

Jill Day Jill Day, MS, Educational Leadership

Assistant Director

Jill Day is a master’s level elementary teacher with 15 years of experience. Her unique and dynamic style of coaching was a natural fit for Social Thinking® Boston. Before joining Social Thinking® Boston, Jill taught in many schools in Massachusetts and brought Social Thinking into the classroom for students in the primary and intermediate grades. She has completed Michelle Garcia Winner’s “Level I Clinical Training Program” and Social Cognition I, a three credit graduate course through Saint Michael’s College and the Stern Center for Language and Learning. She has attended a variety of Social Thinking and topic related conferences and continues to be intrigued and inspired by this work.

Nancy Cotton Nancy Cotton, Ph.D

Consulting Clinical Development Psychologist

Nancy is a clinical-developmental psychologist who has practiced in Vermont since 1995, when she moved from Massachusetts. She received her doctoral degree from Tufts University followed by Harvard Medical School internships and fellowships in child and adult psychiatry. Nancy was a faculty member and principal supervisor in Harvard Medical School psychiatry resident training programs. She has a thirty year career in conducting evaluations, developing and implementing school and community-based programs for children with complex profiles, and working with individual children and their families in her private practice. Nancy completed the Social Thinking clinical training program in California with Michelle Winner in 2008. She has long-term interest in helping youth and adults actualize their potential across the bio-psycho-social-educational dimensions of development. She provides social and life coaching to individuals and groups of students and their parents.

Jennifer Hersey Jennifer Hersey, MSW, LCSW


Jennifer Hersey is a young, creative, and energetic Social Worker. She graduated from Boston College with a master’s degree in Social Work in 2016 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Jenn was first introduced to Social Thinking® while working at The Walker School in Needham. She quickly developed a passion for this work after seeing how beneficial it was for her clients. Prior to getting her master’s degree, Jenn worked for several years as an in-home behavioral specialist. She began incorporating Social Thinking® strategies into her treatment plans. Jenn loves Social Thinking® as it allows her to utilize her creativity to make a difference in children’s lives. Jenn’s background in Social Work provides a unique understanding around the intersection of mental health and social learning. Jenn is dedicated to this work and has completed the Clinical Training Program (Level 1A) in Boston and in 2018 attended the Clinical Training Program (Level 1A) in California with Michelle Garcia Winner. When not working, Jenn enjoys traveling and boating. She is excited to be a part of the Boston team!

Meg Landry Meg Landry, CCC-SLP


Meg Landry is an ASHA Certified Speech Language Pathologist with over 17 years of experience providing assessment and intervention to children with diverse economic and cultural backgrounds, a variety of communication disorders, and social learning challenges. Meg has experience leading social groups as well as addressing a variety of social communication and executive function goals through individual therapy. Throughout her career, Meg has been inspired by the power of applying Social Thinking® methodology into her practice. Her knowledge and interest in social cognition was further cultivated while working internationally at private schools in the Philippines and Hong Kong. She has
collaborated with school counselors to establish framework for teaching Social Thinking® and provided trainings to which promote social development. Meg brings extensive knowledge of early childhood development, a dynamic teaching style and a passion for making a difference in the lives of children through development of their social learning. Meg is thrilled to be a part of the Social Thinking Boston team.

Jennifer Hersey Allison Marean, M.Ed


Allison is a master’s level special educator with 8 years of experience educating students with a variety of needs and abilities in the public school settings of Boston and Denver, Colorado. Allison earned her Master’s degree in Special Education through Lesley University. After graduation she moved to Denver and earned an Autism Graduate Certificate from Regis University which sparked her interest in Social Thinking. Upon learning about Social Thinking and attending several conferences Allison decided to leave the public school system to step out on her own and create a private practice focusing on social learning in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Now a mom of 2 young children, she has recently moved back to New England to be closer to her family. Allison’s creative and fun approach to life and learning is exemplified in her work. When not at work you can find Allison outside exploring the world with her young family.

Holly Steiger Holly Steiger, CCC-SLP


Holly is a licensed, ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist who has worked with children of all ages for 20+ years. She received a Masters of Science in Communications Disorders from Emerson College. After attending many of Michelle Garcia Winner’s conferences she was inspired by her treatment approach and began to implement Social Thinking strategies with her students. For the past ten years she has provided speech and language therapy and led social cognitive groups for middle and high schoolers in the public school setting. Holly is passionate about helping students with social learning challenges to understand and effectively communicate with others. She is a mother of three children who spends her free time practicing yoga, reading and traveling.

Elena Kleifges Elena Kleifges

Business Manager

Elena worked as an audiologist for 18 years in a variety of settings. She was employed for 11 years at Gallaudet University’s Speech Pathology and Audiology graduate program as the Director of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, an audiology team leader and a clinical instructor. She has spent that past several years volunteering in the school system and in community organizations. She served on the school committee for the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.

Liz Shron Liz Shron, LTP

Clinical Assistant

Liz graduated from Skidmore College and over the years, has worked in many administrative roles. Recently, she received her Preschool Teacher Certification and enjoys working with children of all ages. At her previous job, she worked in a preschool setting and assisted in the office as well as the classrooms. Liz has three children and in her free time, practices pilates, yoga and photography. She is thrilled to be part of the team at Social Thinking Boston!