Early Social Learning Program

Play and early communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) lay the foundation for higher-level academic and conversational skills. We have created the Early Social Learning Program to work on key concepts of social development to give students with social thinking challenges a head start in learning skills for relating to their families and peers. Play is the avenue through which children learn to relate to others. The Early Social Learning Program teaches children to play in novel ways and facilitates play and language development while emphasizing relationship development and connection with adults and peers.

During playgroup sessions, we explore creative approaches to the development of social and play skills in a relaxed, supportive and small social setting.  Parents learn how to facilitate play and increase social skill development in a natural and nurturing environment. Parents also learn to become play date facilitators to increase the success and social skill development of their children in a peer setting.

Our sessions will incorporate music and movement to explore how our whole body communicates socially.

Whenever possible, we include a typically developing peer in our playgroup sessions in order to practice new skills with an age-appropriate social skill expert.

Practical and natural suggestions will be provided during each session, along with follow-up activities to increase relationship and social skill development at home.

Our groups meet for 1 hour once a week.

For more information, contact Social Thinking Boston.