Clinical Training Comes to Boston Starting September 2014

The Social Thinking Clinical Training (STCT) program for professionals has been running since 2003; it formerly was referred to as our “Mentor Training Program.” It was started when many people asked to observe Michelle Winner and her staff providing treatment at her clinic, after they attended a Social Thinking workshop or read her published materials. The STCT is not a Social Thinking 101 training session; it is assumed all participants are familiar with the basic information and have kept current with our newest thinking (as posted on the Social Thinking website). The goals for STCT participants are to watch clinical practice in action, provided by a range of therapists, to engage in discussions to problem solve different client needs, to achieve a deeper understanding of the Informal Dynamic Social Thinking assessment process, and explore newest thinking around various Social Thinking topics. Click here for more information about this highly acclaimed professional enrichment opportunity.